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This site is where I get to  share my favorite resources and information about health and fitness with you.

I’ve learned way more about fitness, health and weight loss than I ever wanted to, being the mother of 8 children and gaining about 50 lbs. with every single one of my pregnancies and needing to lose about 25 lbs. after each pregnancy.

After all the study and trial and error, the most important truth I’ve found about health and nutrition is that there isn’t one perfect diet for everyone as I had hoped to find in all my effort and study over the years.  But I have found some definite healthy patterns that are good for everybody.  And those are the things that I will be sharing on this site.

There is a lot more to good health than just eating right and exercising!  Sleep, social interactions, mental health, hydration, pollution, rest, alone time, time in nature and other things like also play key roles in our health.

If you are struggling with any health issue,  don’t give up hope that you will find your answer and that you will have the strength and faith to deal with it well.  Sometimes we just get sick, and there are lessons that come from being sick.  And sometimes you have to go to the doctor or the hospital and that’s OK too!  Be gentle and kind and loving with yourself.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you find some good insight and information here!

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