5 Favorite Yoga Workout Videos – Reviews


These are some of my favorite yoga videos.  The first yoga video I every did, I think I got at the library and then I bought Denise Austin and liked it so much I started doing all different sorts.  These are the ones I have liked the most and come back to often.  Full disclosure: this article does contain affiliate links, so if you buy one of them from the link on this page, I will earn a commission.  But I only promote products I have tried and like!

1- Rodney Yee

I have to lump his videos all together- they are all great!  I really love his videos- you can search him on youtube or buy them streaming on amazon or on dvd.  Sometimes it seems difficult to focus during the routines, and sometimes I want to quit because it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything.  But I feel great when I am done, and I feel even better as the day goes on.  And I feel even better when I am consistent.  The following videos are ones I have enjoyed year after year, many of them are divided into 10 or 20 minute workouts- here is a great list of them on youtube- I have done most of these, I haven’t done one that didn’t make me feel better than before:


This one is great for flexibility:

This one is great for energy:

Whenever my back is feeling a little sore ( I hurt it years ago from pushing a heavy stroller for a daily walk, plus those 7 pregnancies including twins) I do this workout- part of it is on youtube here:

We bought it on amazon, so we can stream it anytime, the workout lasts about an hour, his explanation in the beginning is very helpful about why we get back pain and how to alleviate it.  I am always amazed at how much better my back feels when I do this workout!  I feel funny because it really is just a bunch of stretches and I don’t usually feel better right after, but a few hours after doing this workout, I often forget my back was even hurting!!  It even happened today which is why I had to share.  Here is my affiliate link to amazon if you want to buy it for yourself:

Here are the amazon links to some other Rodney Yee Yoga videos I own and have enjoyed for many years:

2-Denise Austin

I have been doing Denise Austin videos for almost 20 years!!  I pretty much like all her videos- cardio, dance, intervals, pilates, yoga.  Today I’ll just share the yoga ones I like.  Here is a link to one I have been doing on and off for the past 10 years- I liked it so much the DVD started skipping so I bought it on amazon- most of the dvd is free here on youtube:

Here is the link to amazon:

This is the next one I will buy of hers- it was free for amazon prime members for a couple months and really good!

3-Dr. Lisa and Elise

This is a workout video I bought after my last baby was born.  It is divided up into 3 segments of 20 minutes, so you can do 1 segment a day or the whole thing.  It includes some cardio in the first one, and since I barely had 20 minutes to workout, I liked how it was inclusive of cardio in addition to the strength and flexibility of yoga.  I also purchased this one streaming because I liked it so much. I’ve done some of Elise’s other videos- her ballet one and some yoga ones on beachbody. I think she is an excellent instructor with really great workouts.  Here’s the link:

4-Yoga Burn by Zoe

This is a workout program I purchased 2 years ago from a link.  I really enjoyed this workout.  It includes 9 workouts which are to be done in 3 phases.  Each workout is 15 minutes repeated 3 times, 3 times a week for a month before you move to the next phase.  These workouts are a little bit longer, but at only 3 times a week it is totally manageable and I always feel so good when I do them.  I started it again last week, and am taking a break now for a cleanse, but it is a series I am really glad to have to refer to.  There is also a 15 minute flexibility routine.  It was a great buy.  Here’s my affiliate link in case you are interested:


5- Hot Yoga

This isn’t a video or link, but taking a live yoga class is really, really awesome.  My good friend and running partner in New Hampshire introduced me to a great studio and eventually opened up her own studio.  They both follow the methods of Baptiste yoga.  It is done in a hot 90F room so that you release more toxins in your sweat as you stretch.  I always felt amazing afterwards, it was fantastic!!  If you have a power Baptiste yoga studio near you- I highly recommend giving it a try.  It’s totally worth the time and they usually have deals to make it more affordable!


Even if you can only do a 10 or 20 minute yoga routine once a week, you will feel better and want to do it more and as often as you can, because you will just feel awesome- refreshed, rejuvenated, calm, peaceful, all is right with the world.  When I had lots of little ones at home, exercise was the one thing I tried to do each day just for myself.  I would time it so that I could nurse the baby and put him/her to bed and then the toddlers would often try to exercise with me, or try to run under me while I was doing downward dog or they would just play- I made sure they would be happy for 20 minutes so I could get my exercise high.  For many years I just exercised for 20 minutes a day, but it was heaven, and it made me a better mom and a better, happier person!  And yoga was the workout I would choose when I knew I needed to relax a bit, or I was feeling extra tired or a little down.

Many times I have tripped or fallen while doing regular life stuff, and I thank my lucky stars every time that I do yoga.  I’m not super flexible, but it is enough that I don’t get hurt when I fall. 🙂

Give it a try!  You may be surprised-and if you don’t like it- no biggie, find something you do like!



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