Herbal/ Home Remedies for Colds and Flus

It is definitely that time of year- more colds, sicknesses and flus floating around.  Nobody likes being sick and nobody likes to feel helpless.  The most important thing to do when you are sick it to just rest and make sure you are hydrated.  But there are a few more things you can do to hopefully speed that recovery along!

1- Garlic

Taking garlic in pill form is probably the easiest way to take it.  I like to take capsules that are as true to the original plant form as possible.  My husband likes to make garlic toast with butter, salt and lots of granulated garlic.  I like to make soup with lots of added garlic cloves and I’ll add extra if we are fighting something off.  Cut up garlic cloves (the smaller the better)  are probably the most effective way to take garlic though. It does sting in your mouth, but I keep it in my mouth as long as possible and then swallow it down with a cup of water when I can’t take the heat anymore!  Little kids can’t usually swallow pills, so make them lots of garlicky soup!  Also if it is a nursing baby who is sick, the garlic the mom takes will go into the milk.

2- Cayenne

We only do this one in pills- although kimchi is super cleansing and healing with cayenne, garlic and ginger.  It comes in varying heat powers.  You may want to take it with a banana to calm the tummy- but it’s pretty effective.


We take this in a capsule form or in a soothing tea.  It has very little flavor and it won’t burn your mouth.  It also comes in formulations made specifically for kids- it’s sweet and the kids like it!

4- Vitamin C

We like the chewable ones, very tasty.  It’s hard to keep them in stock though because everybody around here thinks they are candy- so sometimes I buy the not tasty ones so we have it when we need it!

These are our #1 self defense herbs- the ones we reach for first– if we need more help we continue with lemon water, herbal teas and essential oils.  More on those sometime!!

No side effects, and the benefits are numerous!

Hope this helps!







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